Connecting with your own essence.
Healing from within.
Coming home to mother earth and father sky.

Allow the drum to sound for you.

Motherdrum healing

The deep and primal sound of the motherdrum reconnects you with the deepest layers of your soul. Assisted by the motherdrum you can gain insights into your own destiny, you life’s purpose and any blockages that might keep you from living your potential. Physical symptoms and illnesses can dissolve and heal.
A motherdrum session has healing potential and can also be experienced as a wellness treatment. Allow yourself to sink into the mighty and powerful vibrations of the drum and to deeply relax.

Each session is unique and creates a special bond between the sacred drum, the drummer and the client. The sounds are always different and completely in tune with what is needed by the client. As a motherdrummer it is my privilege to empty myself to the best of my ability and to serve as a channel for the drum to be able to sound. An ernergy field is created that connects the earthly realm with the world beyond.

A session follows more or less the same routine: after an exploration into the subjects and themes the client brings with them, and to find any conflicts that might exist, I will choose crystals and herbal inscence materials for you. The different energies and healing properties of the crystal beings and the herbal helpers help to fill up any depletion that might exist and help you to relax on a very deep level. After this, you will lie down underneath the drum and make yourself comfortable. Then I will drum for you. Many people describe this process almost like being in their mother’s womb again. The deep sounds of the drumbeat remind one of a mother’s beating heart. As the session comes to a close, in a final sharing we look at what you can do in the time to come to support the energetic shifts that have happened for you.

Peace will come to the hearts of men when they realize their oneness with the universe, It is every where.

Black Elk

Conflict resolution

All my work as a motherdrum therapist is based on the 5 biological laws. Every “illness” is caused by a conflict or a shock that the client has lived through and wasn’t able to fully solve. Evidence of the conflict can be found in the psyche, in the brain and the organs. Little shocks will cause “little illnesses” and big shocks lead to “big illnesses”. These shocks can be viewed as energetic areas that are blocked or shut off.

Some conflicts go way back and might even be transferred or “inherited” from ancestoral lineage. A human being is at their best, powerful, healthy and happy when the “chi” energy or life force can flow freely through them. The motherdum can help to bring back natural flow by causing every single cell in the body to vibrate and regain vitality.
Once the whole body vibrates, the crystal beings and herbal helpers can reach the deeper levels on the client’s being and restore balance. This causes an increase in quality of life.


I offer individual sessions as well as group workshops. All single sessions are donation based. In this I am following the tradition of my trainer and motherdrum creator Stephan Bergmann. He is strongly convinced that no price can be put on healing work. I share this conviction. So after the session I invite you to feel into yourself, your circumstances and the experience you have had and give in return what feels right to you. If it helps you can also think about what you might pay elsewhere for a comparable experience. The individual session takes app. 1,5 hours.

Group prices will vary, depending on Venue and circumstances of the event. The Ancestor’s Healing Day being the exception, where the fee is 99,- € per Person.

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