Ritual & Ceremony

Creating powerful rituals.
Marking the important passages in your life.
Connecting to all that is.

Let‘s celebrate your life!

Ritual & Ceremony

Rituals have great power. They mark the conclusion of the old and open doorways to the new. They nourish the soul and help us to integrate important steps forward. The dignified celebration of those important points on our journey is a very basic need of humanity. In these times of individuation and increasing loneliness, it is more important than ever to create and hold powerful and authentic rituals.

You might choose to mark: the birth or naming of a child, an initiation into adulthood, the affirmation of a love relationship, the conscious marking of a separation or the departure of a loved one from this life.

These are all important thresholds which deserve and can benefit from ritual marking.

I take deep joy offering such rituals to my community and tailor each ritual to the needs of the client. For some, this might mean a very simple, quiet and gentle affair. Others might choose a colourful and vibrant celebration. Whatever the need, I will be your celebrant with warmth, empathy and dignity. And, where appropriate, with a large dose of humour!

The human soul can always use a new tradition. Sometimes we even require them.

Pat Conroy

Though I continue to train, I am available now as a celebrant. If you’re not sure what you need, we can work together to create the right ritual for you.

I also offer my skills as a musician for your rituals. I am looking forward to celebrating with you.


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